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  1. Oxygen
    Alright Dude, Yeah got those pages, thanks though, good reminder! I finished the shell off this weekend and will finish transferreing electronics over this week. Should have it ready for this week. Prob will only run it in practice though for a bit of a shake down. Still wanna play around with set ups on the X6!
  2. captain kirk
    captain kirk
    hay andy here are is the set up pages for the bmax and the x6 dnt no if u have these already but if u dnt they will be helpful im sure


  3. captain kirk
    captain kirk
    hi sorry m8 i didnt realise u sent me this till just not nobody ever done it before lol ooops. i put 40 in the frount and 25 in the back. i also limited the shocks frount and back with the spacers provided in the shock kit. the frount droop it like nearly just below level and at the back is about twice nearly 3 times as much sorry i no tht ant really helpfull. no roll bars and no gurney on the wing. tht was also running on brand new mini pins, and once i lowered it to drive shafts level which like a twat wernt till the last heat the cart felt well good and wernt grip rolling

    sorry it was so late m8 lol hopefully see u at racing on the 7th if its on if not the week after
  4. Oxygen

    Soz didnt get to finish our convo on the Jokomo yest. Yeah car looks good. Looks like it had tonnes of steering to me, may need to be dialling some of that out methinks? remind me again, it was standard springs and pistons? what oil? Kit? Gonna commence my build tonight i think.

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