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  1. ralphee
    Hiya mate, Think Adey is coming this evening for it, at a lesser price too lol, but im an honourable sort so gotta go with that agreement, sorry dude!
  2. Buggyman
    Hi dude, u still have the vega for sale ?. I understand u want 210. I can give u 200 for it mate. P.s. Can u post to Cannock in the West Midlands. I will pay the postage. Happy to collect if you are not too far away tho. Let me know. Thanks
  3. Buggyman
    Was it adey who drove your car ?.
  4. ralphee
    Yes buddy i bought Marks Car. TBH this is my first time with a 2wd and on brushless, so its all new and I'm a way bit rusty having not raced for many years, that said, i find the car pretty epic, bags of grip, I've made a few adjustments for the next meet, gone for 35wt in the front dampers and hard springs, 30wt in the rear with mediums. A guy at our track ran mine for one heat last week and was a second of TQ, so its fast mate.
    Only niggle i had was maybe a bit too much steering that I've tried to take out now, ill let you know how i get on this friday coming buddy.
  5. Buggyman
    I understand you have xfactors old 201 mid motor car. How are you finding it and how well does it go. I race on carpet and mine is tricky to drive. I don't feel its competative. Any tips at all. ?

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