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Conversation Between Team No Idea and raaccyyyyy lllaaddyyyy
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  1. raaccyyyyy lllaaddyyyy
    Mmmmmmmmmm cake!! Yeay, i remembered how to spell my oOple name!! xx
  2. Team No Idea
    Team No Idea
    Im listening to Owl City and..........hanson! what a combo! lol
  3. Team No Idea
    Team No Idea
    Quiet eh?xxx
  4. Team No Idea
    Team No Idea
    all done! xx
  5. raaccyyyyy lllaaddyyyy
    Bored!!! Don't forget to tax your car and print that picture. xxx LOL. xxx
  6. raaccyyyyy lllaaddyyyy
    I've been very busy this morning i'll have you know!!! I have peas and everything!!!! hahahaha. xx
  7. Team No Idea
    Team No Idea
    Whats this.... a break from farming !? get back to work! you have grapes to pick! lol x
  8. Team No Idea
    Team No Idea
    Allo Mrs H !!
  9. raaccyyyyy lllaaddyyyy
    You have text. x
  10. Team No Idea
    Team No Idea
    lol. im soooo exited i nearly wet meself! lol

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