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  1. Gunter
    Yea well I've been doing abit of buggy on club level for a laugh n reali enjoy it but I cudnt give up tourig for it but that's personal pref obviously.

    What buggy you thinking of getting? N yea just let me no if and when but I was talking to rob west and he says he about the only one he knows who uses 10.5 with timing and kicks ass cos its faster down the stright but more drivable on the infield so might be worth trying what you got
  2. tc3nitro
    I really fancy a go at Buggy as I'm not finding touring that fun at the moment !
    Ill let you know if I want to sell the motor dude !

  3. Gunter
    Alrite mark what's happend? Leaving touring?

    I bet you going buggy..... I've got myself one aswell so I can't say much.

    How much would you want for your reedy motor mate?

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