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  1. Team No Idea
    Team No Idea
    Lol. Excellent, cheers matey!(",)
  2. steeve
    Alright mate, yeah i will bring it along one day, I've only just got rid of another old one yesturday
  3. Team No Idea
    Team No Idea
    Hey Steve, have you got any broken pred chassis heading for the bin at all? im looking for a broken one to make another stand from
  4. Team No Idea
    Team No Idea
    Hey Steve, now then i have spoken with the other team "no idea!" members and we are in total agreement that if you truly have no idea then you are more thatn welcome to join the team!!! however if you develop any knowledge, intellegence towards car set up or start winning anything (god forbid actually finnishing races) we will withdraw your membership with immediate effect. Now then we have also decided to skip our strict initiation process of being tied to a live chicken for 2 weeks as you are such a bloody nice chap.

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