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  1. Karl Marsden
    Karl Marsden
    hey man, sorry dude, not got the hang of these forums. Going good, the market is steady at the moment, and could do with Mirage pissing off, btu they are winding customers up thmselves for sure.

    Just done worksop mate with a barrowed car on and everything else sunday morning, no practise and finished 4th with the RB5, real buzz to have a good run and shock a few people, next time it should be easier.

    Fancy a race up here, try and hook you an RB5 up?

    Call me as always for a chat dude, miss the old laugh we had!

    Take care
  2. MHeadling
    hi mate! yes been on here a while! you ok mate? saw you in racer mag with your eyes shut! good look mate! you still hav the talent then on the sticks.

    hows work going?
  3. Karl Marsden
    Karl Marsden
    look what you find on oople dude ;o)

    You racing yet


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