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  1. teamorsum96
    decals lol your so a yankie lol but i agree they do finish them off nicely
  2. Tempest501
    That shell look awesome !!. I am really please with mine looks awesome now my decals are on it, hope i can keep it one piece for a while lol =D
  3. teamorsum96
    hey, no problem, just seen your shell, looks nice and simple which is good if your putting stickers on . ive got a new shell too....
  4. Tempest501
    Happy late new year to you too man, sorry would have said earlier but not been on oople for a bit. Just finished painting my new shell today for my dave =D, just need to get some nice decals now. Check it:

  5. teamorsum96
    HNY from all us
  6. teamorsum96
    xmas shopping for FISH lol instead of racing lol
  7. teamorsum96
    ooo runnin 2 classes is abit of handful lol but all fun, i told you you would improve going with the faster guys. well we all no which nugget will of started taking dave out, would it been a puff pop we call harvey by any chance??
    every thing is fine here, moved in with my bro so he may start coming back to racing if i have my way, hes already eyeing my little lads rc18r lol
  8. Tempest501
    Not badthink i am not gonna run 2 classes as was well stressful last time. I got moved into brushless group last meeting and you were right mcuh cleaner. Hard to keep up at mo but I am learning much better without getting taken out all the time. Actuallly went really well and was well happy with where I placed. Truck batt ran out in that final tho lol, was seeing if i could go all night on one batt.
    Felt well sorry for dave tho as all the kids plotted to take him out in his final. He would have won easy if not for that.
    Hope everything goes well with the move.
  9. teamorsum96
    sorry mate, i havet been on or to racing, i have had some problems at home so had to move out, but no we are back on track so should be at next meeting and hopefully becky will have her buggy sorted to so thats another 1 to race against how are you lot then?
  10. Tempest501
    Hey M8, Hows it going? You guys going tomorrow?

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