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  1. Team No Idea
    Team No Idea
    Yup, just deciding what tyre inserts to run in the X6, soft or medium
  2. Team No Idea
    Team No Idea
    Is the Cat ok?
  3. Team No Idea
    Team No Idea
    yup spot on dude. Although i may only run them in practice just to give them a shake down. not sure yet
  4. Team No Idea
    Team No Idea
    Hello dude the garry pic is going up!
  5. B&H Racing
    B&H Racing
    Where is the Garry pic Mart ????
  6. B&H Racing
    B&H Racing
    Come on wot u waiting for ??? the world has got to see Garrys pic :-)
  7. Team No Idea
    Team No Idea
    Got Tom's old one off him to rob the shocks, have been reliably informed that the shocks with red springs go well on b44 so am gonna give that a go outside!! Am just about to re-sell XX4 on ebay!
  8. B&H Racing
    B&H Racing
    What you doing with a XX4 ????
  9. Team No Idea
    Team No Idea
    Bonjour! tracy's bumpety bumpers are from ebay, they have to come from the USA "t-bone racing"
    And my lipo straps are BJ4 batery bars cut with a dremmel. also held in place by some handy velcro.....Digity designs do make a propper lipo retainer that looks the part. See ya wednesday matey !
  10. B&H Racing
    B&H Racing
    MMMAAARRTTTIINNNN - Neil is trying to get his B44 ready to race at Fav.
    Where did you get the lipo retainers from and also the bumper Tracy is using ?

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