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  1. B&H Racing
    B&H Racing
    Yeah I gonna be doing 2wd on club nights and so is Garry. Gonna start with an x6 then get a better one when i can.
    What 2wd you got ??? Garry got a Losi 22
  2. stevemardave
    hi brett i will do 2wd at the winter meetings . 2 and 4 at the two day cup if i get in , and i be there every tues with 2wd to start with . what will be doing ?
  3. B&H Racing
    B&H Racing
    Hi Stevie wot classes you gonna be racing at off road wars mate ? Are you gonna race tues nights at maritime ?
  4. stevemardave
    thats ok im doing short cousre and 4wd
  5. B&H Racing
    B&H Racing
    Hi Steve,
    Sorry mate because there was not any replays I ordered new. Wot classes you running at maritime next week ?

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