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  1. cryer-evo
    Hi there general old dog having rill trouble with my shocks on my 22 would you our could you please make me up some 5566 and 5556 pistons 4 of each please pm me if you can thanks
  2. floudas103
    Hi, can you please tell me how to "decolor" the shock springs? I hate the colored springs...
  3. Team No Idea
    Team No Idea
    Fantastic! thanks Andy, thats perfect.
    Ill get on the case and order up some more shims! lol.
  4. Gnarly Old Dog
    Gnarly Old Dog
    No problems. The two shims (on each side - 4 in total) go inside the gear casing between the casing and the outer bevelled 'sun' gears. Essentially, they are needed to help squeeze the diff assembly closer together so that it doesn't slip under hard acceleration (what otherwise happens is that the gears get pushed outboard and the diff clicks - too much clicking and the sun gears strip).
    The recessed diff casing is the most awkward one to do - because fitting the two shims makes it more difficult to insert the cross pin into the outdrive shaft - but persevere and use long nosed pliers and the job can be done.
    The design of the diff will allow you to fill it with different viscosity oils but word on the street at th time I built the review car was that the supplied black grease was the one to go for. Don't be afraid to use a fair amount of this grease as this will limit the risk of the car diffing out if the inside wheel goes light under cornering.
    Hope this helps
  5. Team No Idea
    Team No Idea
    Hello Andy, just a quick question for you regardging the shimmage on these here SC10's. Please forgive me for sounding a bit dense! but the 2 shims each side that you recomend, am i putting them internally under the end pin on the inside of the outdrive, externally between the out drive and the diff casing or just over the outdrives as normal between the diff and the bearings, silly question i know but i am blonde and easily confused by the number of shims! lol, ive never built a gear diff before.
  6. Garry Spice
    Garry Spice
    hi andy got a question for you.i`ve got the e speed steering rack for my xx4.the question is on the x factory website it shows the ballstud on top but your x5 in racer mag shows it underneath! which is right? oh,where do i need to put some washers to cure bumpsteer?soz for all the questions.good luck at stotfold.

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