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  1. stampede vxlboy
    stampede vxlboy
    hi james it simon i phoned the guy at your at the track you race at i got stop week ago by the police for speeding are las was have my baby i got done for speed and now i got band from driv
    ing what a fucker i have to use the busser for work now and the guy said i could race my rustler there but i got no transport no more so it would make it hard for me too get there . i live 2 mins from keighley town center?
  2. stampede vxlboy
    stampede vxlboy
    hi have spent abot 3000 all my trucks and 1 small erevothat i just order and igot the big erevo brushless mamba moster castle as well.and my hpi flux savaged that just come out got the brushless erevo 1/8scale what a moster that is mate
  3. stampede vxlboy
    stampede vxlboy
    james all my cars are truck and it looks like i would have to buy another car i just order 1 from the usa that revo 1/16 scale is the and my other the hpi flux savaged truck good funny cost me over a 1000 with everythink i needer for it love my truck but as i have found out there no were to race them why dont no and my traxxas truck same with them?
  4. stampede vxlboy
    stampede vxlboy
    leave me detail what i can do to help ? like help you doing the track ect .but i am new to all this i got a lot of traxxas trucks i but i got told i cannot race them . but i know somebody that racers them so why not. if i can not race them i will have to get a good buggy to start with cheap as possible got all the brushless stuff . 1 old buggy i have got a tl01 buggy that breaks all the time .it was my first car way to heavy
  5. stampede vxlboy
    stampede vxlboy
    let me know when you no more when its going to start and are you from keighley or near by thanks mate
  6. stampede vxlboy
    stampede vxlboy
    need more track in west yorkshire there 2 track batley and huddersfield shit init 1 huddersfield just touring cars only not buggy or off road
    the by past between bingley and keighley the old power station .its were they do classic rally driving?????????? show
  7. stampede vxlboy
    stampede vxlboy
    is it going to be 125 per person our for the track and land rent? put me down this mate carnt wait buzzing
  8. stampede vxlboy
    stampede vxlboy
    i got load of trucks apart from traxxas and i cannot find anywere to race them or have to bash about in the park or near my house .which is not verygood never get into to racing because club s closing down all the time thanks mate
  9. stampede vxlboy
    stampede vxlboy
    hi i am looking to start racing when the track open in keighley i live down the road form there .were abouts is it based near town or well out of town denholme ? plz get back to me i got 3 trucks 1/10 traxxas vxl stampede vxl. and erevo brushless say 1/16 but as big as my 1/10 rustler
  10. JJ The Boat Wizzard
    JJ The Boat Wizzard
    You at cullingworth tomorow night might try mi new t4 owt , and yes i know i buy cars left right and centre

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