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  1. 1985matty
    i think ive solved it, i tried going forward as soon as i turned it on and it worked, id read on a forum that if the first thing you do is go forwrds when turning on it affects the esc setting and automatically saves it, seems to have worked, wel see!! you previously mentioned something about ezrun system, id like a combo, the vector x12 octawind seems good with the sphere esc all by lrp design! its all a bit confusing really? anyway thanks for the help if theres anymore problems il let you know, the other thing is when im ready to come down to the track il come early and help set up, could you introduce me to a few people? il have to wait a while before i come down though!!
  2. Si Coe
    Si Coe
    Is it full speed backwards but slow forwards, or slow backwards and full speed forwards?

    If its the first its most likely servo reverse on channel 2 on the TX. If its not, its try swapping over any 2 motor wires (there are 3).
  3. 1985matty
    thank you
  4. Si Coe
    Si Coe
    That is your antenna. 2.4ghz systems have tiny antenna's. Some don't even stick out of the shell at all!
  5. Si Coe
    Si Coe
    Normally we use our own tables (I was!) but since there were exam desks around most people used them to save hauling tables around. Whether they are always there I can't really say!
    Our last booked indoor meeting is the 18th of March, so we could be outside the week after. However we are looking at doing a little work on the outdoor track first, so I'd say April.
  6. 1985matty
    thanks again for getting back to me, just one last question, is it 5 per race or is it just turn up pay a fiver and race all day type of thing? thank you and all the best for the new year!!
  7. Si Coe
    Si Coe
    Someone at Ribble Valley runs an XXB, seems to go pretty well. Looks like its got a lot of B44 DNA in it (Thunder Tiger own Associated) so it handles nicely. Only problem is not many people running them so spares are more tricky.
    The brushless XXB should be doing nearer 40 than 30 with a lipo pack, which is plenty except on a really open fast track. It wouldn't be the fastest on the straight, but over the whole lap should be good enough.
    We've got a couple of racers running LRP Blast BX's. They go nicely and doing cost much, but are only available brushed. Get the 2.4 ghz version then search ebay for an Ezrun 5.5t brushless system - the whole lot should come to similar money to the Sparrowhawk, but be quicker and with more support.
    Or go 2wd and get a B4.1 brushless RTR.
  8. Si Coe
    Si Coe
    If you are coming along to watch I'd suggest arriving around 11-12 which is when the racing starts. We actually get in around 9-9.30 but thats all setting up the track and booking in so unless you are racing not much to see!
    We are racing at Moorside campus, in the sports hall. You'll see signs to show you where we are when you get there.
    As you'll see at the club a range of cars get used. We have good numbers of 2wds, 4wds and Short course trucks, so any of these classes could be a starting point. In 4wd (my main class) I use a Yokomo Bmax as do a few others, we have a couple of Laxer Fs2's and quite a few Durango's and B44.1's. All seem to work just as well as each other really.
    TBH My 2wd is a 20 year old RC10 Team, and my Short Course a cheap HPI Mini Trophy, neither top spec racers and I do just as well with them! Any car will do as long as its reliable.

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