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Rameshsalvi 18-11-2018 09:59 AM

Questions from a beginner.
Me and my buddy Need some help with buying our first rc drift cars!

We have been researching a while but still don't know which to pick, tt-02D is priced good but they are all 4wd, the mst rmx RTR is expensive as hell But Looks Really good.

Can someone link a good RTR kit that's good, rwd and not overly expensive? If that's even possible.

And where do you find shells for your car? And are they simple to change? Same with rims do all rims fit all cars or do you need to find special ones for your brand?

Do the controller come with the packs or is that something you need to buy separately ?

Thanks! :)

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Kev B 18-11-2018 11:24 AM

Shells first.
All sheels come in 190mm or 200mm width for touring cars. All will fit however 200mm are used more for drifting as the wheels have a bigger offset as standard. All touring car wheels fit as they have the same hex pattern. +5mm is about standard for drifting.
2wd vs 4wd drift.
Yes a 2wd is more realistic however they are very hard to get used to for a beginner so dont spend lots to get frustrated and give up. A Tamiya TT02 is fine to start out with and go from there once you get hooked.
Transmitters come with the receiver separately however lots of shops online offer a kit and bundle package with motor, esc, transmitter, battery and charger to get up up and running.

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