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RudeTony 10-07-2015 09:59 AM

Massive re-stock
Massive NEW stock

As used by some of the best drivers in the UK and all over the world

The R1 Wings can be bought in bulk 4s for a great saving and of course is sold individually too. If you require a price for 10 plus then please email tony@rudebits.net

With postal charges still rising, we are carrying on with the popular introduced X4 pack bulk buy to save some monies for all racers.
Take advantage of the low postal charges held too.

Just a few reminders of the wing
The R1 wing has been designed for maximum efficiency of air distribution and downforce.
Its straight rear edge allows the air to force down evenly across. Likewise its front edge has no distortion edge or shape so the air is directed evenly.
4deg base angle built in
Made from 1.5mm pure lexan, the R1 is very strong and long lasting
Easy trimming too with even a video showing you how

The 'Shadow' bodyshells have become very popular with many other manufacturers running mid-forward cars - many more now in stock and of course you can catch me at trackside or just order through the shop and it will be posted same day.....by the way now comes with a white coating for design work prior to painting.....

One of the most popular bodyshells all over the world is the Saphire bodyshell.
TQ, Win and 2nd place at many Nationals proving its stability, cornering speed and certain good looks.
Back in stock but again selling very fast....get them now as the next stock won't be till the end of September

Thanks for looking everyone

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