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RudeTony 29-03-2018 03:13 PM

Bodyshells - Last of them
The last of the bodyshells are here - Get them before they all go.
The moulds will be archived from here on in - When they are gone they are gone for some years

Last of them - Tell your friends

The 'Shadow' bodyshells have become very popular with many other manufacturers running mid-forward cars - many more now in stock and of course you can catch me at trackside or just order through the shop and it will be posted same day.....by the way now comes with a white coating for design work prior to painting.....

Click picture for direct link to product

Also NEW stock

One of the most popular bodyshells all over the world is the Saphire bodyshell.
Back in stock for the last time....get them now as the next stock won't be for many years ahead

Click picture for direct link to product

Thanks for looking everyone :)

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