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Darren Boyle 23-03-2018 01:00 AM

DMS Model Car Club - Easter Egg-Stravaganza
DMS Model Car Club - Easter Egg-Stravaganza
We are holding an Easter Themed Egg-Stravanganza race at our Indoor venue at Parmiters Sport Centre, Watford to take place over two consecutive Thursdays - the 29th March and 5th April .

The format is eight straight rounds of line start races (4 rounds on week 1 with a further 4 on week 2), with drivers alternating between odds and evens to decide who starts on either the front row or back row for each race.

Points will be based on a round by round basis, with your best 5 from 8 to count for the overall score

Classes for 2wd buggies and 4wd buggies in our usual mixed heats

Cost is 10 for both evenings (5 per evening) for members or 20 for both evenings (10 per night) for non-members, with Easter Egg themed prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall as well as Top Three Juniors also.

As well as this there will also be a "spot" prize for every single race over the two weeks, these spot prizes will be drawn from a hat from a selection of pre-determined scenarios, such as "fastest individual lap of the race", "3rd (or any) place in that race", "Best 3 consecutive laps of the race" etc etc to keep the racing fun and exciting.

Booking in is now open on our club website -www.dmsresults.co.uk (Don't forget to enter in both evenings)

For those who can only attend one of the two nights you are still more than welcome to attend, however to stand the best chance of winning you need 5 scores which will come from across the two weeks (so you ideally need to be there for both weeks), however you are still more than welcome to come and race on either evening....

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