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RandomConflict 13-06-2016 10:48 PM

Sad news from across the pond...


Peakey 13-06-2016 11:28 PM

Very sad I was just reading this

Ashlandchris 14-06-2016 08:28 AM

Just posted in the electrics bit - hadn't seen this thread. Mods, feel free to move my post if you want.

Copy of official announcement 13-6-16

Since 1978, Novak has been proud to be a part of the remote-controlled hobby industry, designing and manufacturing important and innovative products to the market such as the modern-day ESC for R/C cars in 1983 (NESC-1), and the first R/C car sensored brushless motor and ESC in 2002 (Super Sport Brushless System). Our customers, our business partners, and all of the friendships we have formed in this industry have made owning and operating Novak not feel like “work” but rather fulfilling a passion.
We are announcing that we have decided to close down our operations effective today. This decision was difficult to make, as this has been a family business spanning two generations.
We are proud that we were able to continue to manufacture products in California during our 38 years in business, and we hope we have been a good steward to the industry. 20 IFMAR World Championships and countless ROAR and Club races were won with Novak products over the years and we want to especially thank our customers and race organizations for their belief in our product and their enthusiasm for the hobby.
Rather than saying good-bye, we wish to say thank you. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this incredible hobby and industry!
Bob Novak Laura Novak Linda Novak

wildwillydriver 14-06-2016 02:55 PM

What a bed news! :(
I still use them in my race cars, and they are awesome products!


MiCk B. 14-06-2016 04:00 PM


Really sad to hear this have been running Novak for 20+ plus years.
Always had really good product support.

Really felt valued when you contacted them.

In 2013 finally got the chance to meet Bob at the 1/10 worlds in Chico, ended up pitting with him for the event. Made us all feel really welcome, even though it was the first time that we had met.

Went for dinner a few times with him over the event, always good for a chat.

I hope everything works out for the people that were working there.

Could be the start of changes in the RC industry?

MiCk B. :-)

tcboy1983 14-06-2016 05:26 PM

Loved my nova cyclone tc back in the day and was lent a gtb to get me out a hole for a short time and it was fault less
Always sad when this happens but at least it's on there own terms

Nige55 15-06-2016 01:36 PM

I find this news really sad, Novak were legends when I was a kid, and I sstill use their products. They were such an identifiable icon in the industry. The hobby has certainly lost a great brand. :-(

daz75 15-06-2016 10:26 PM

wonder why, guess it may be related to the competition from the Chinese mass market stuff like hobbyking

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