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Tbone 13-04-2010 07:24 AM

Setup for loose dirt (low grip)
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Hello Guys,

last weekend I was running my dex for the first time on our outdoor Track
The track is loose dirt with low grip and jumps and some smal areas in carpet.
At the end of the day my car was good to drive but maybe someone of you have a setup to try for such conditions?

we both hat only problems with broken pin axles :( try the associated ones to fix these problem . :thumbdown:

for the rest on the carpet sections the traction is huge and on jumps the car perform well and is really easy to controll :) :thumbsup:

I'm happy for the first outdoor try and maybe someone of you has a good idea to try for the next trainingsessons.

- diffs 12000 front 7000 rear
- springs grey rear dark green front
- oil 30 with 3 hole rear 30 with 2 hole front
- no weights added
- holeshot m3 around

things to try will be :
- little rebound
- ifmar stud red

so far
regards Tom
p.s photos of the Track are attached

werner1619 03-05-2010 07:35 PM

Hi Tom,

I have also been running on loose fairly low grip tracks.
Your diff oils look good, the softer springs you have chosen make sense, Ifmar studs are also in the right direction.

I would add the weights in the rear of the car, more static weight is good in the lower traction area's. Also check that you have the same amount of front andrear negative suspension travel, droop, has a big efect on how the rear behaves.

Softer springs make sense, more weight transfere - more traction. But watch out as if the surface is too slick, you might not be transfering enough weight to start the car rolling. In this event it might be better to go for stiffer springs to have a more abrupt innitial transfere of weight in an attwempt to start the weight transfere roll.

Huhh, hope it makes sense... :-)

Tbone 05-05-2010 06:18 AM

Hy Werner,
thanks for your input :)

at the Setup section on the Durango page you will find my winning setup from Wehrheim, also loose Dirt with medium grip, we was all the weekend there to finalise the setup and it work really great .

take a look at country --germany track--wehrheim

regards Tom

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