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greenplane 09-01-2017 05:14 PM

Parting Company Service, Fix, Repairs Sales and buying
Hi all
I have been RC cars for over 35 years and have accumulated over time alot of both knowledge and parts spares etc.
I'd liek to put my self out there now and say please come chat to me for spares new used vintage rare etc, I either have in stock or can source anywhere in the world and post anywhere in the world, "you pay i send"
I have over 50 cars in stock in various states from vintage through to BNIB RTR kits and a multitude of spares from all major manufactures.
Have website ,(though needs work) and sell on Gumtree, Ebay, Ebid, Preloved and here.
Would love to chat to people in the RC community as now is the time for me to grow

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