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InsideLineModels 25-11-2017 07:14 PM

PR V3 2018 available for Pre-order!
New 2018 PR Racing V3 (FM) kits now available for Pre-order.

2 new versions... an updated 2018 version and a seriously hopped up Type-R offering! 😍

50 deposit secure one from the first batch - expected mid December



2018 PR S1 V3 (FM) Updates

Low Mount Shock Towers Front and Rear
Includes 1.5, 2.5 and 3.0 RR Hangers
M5 Steel front Axles
High Tensile Steel 36mm Turnbuckles
Revised Carbon Steering Arm plates
CNC Aluminium Rear Camber Plate
SB401 Rear Wing Mount
Gullwing front and Rear Wishbones
Revised Shock absorbers
New Sleek Low Profile Body

2018 FM Type R Updates in addition to the FM 2018 version

2.5mm Carbon Fibre Chassis
New CNC Aluminium ball-raced Ackerman Plate
CNC Alloy Servo Mounts
4 Degree Alloy Caster Blocks
Aluminium front hinge pin block (+5mm 3 degree)
Ultra-Low Front and Rear Shock towers
All new Short Type R Shock Absorbers
Front Camber Plates
Aluminium M5 front Axles
36mm Titanium Turnbuckles
Vented Slipper Plates
New Waterfall with ball stud location
Sway Bar Set
34 Tooth Alloy Idler Gear
Brass RF Hanger



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