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Mike2222 13-12-2012 08:33 PM

Important Notice ref. New Transponders
As many of you will know Mylaps have released a new timing Decoder RC4,
and a new transponder RC4 (nickname Purcy). Anyone considering the purchase of a new RC4 transponder should be aware that it will only work with the RC4 decoder. YORCC have 2 decoders, for the indoor track and the outdoor track at RHR. Both decoders are RC3 models, which could be updated to the latest RC4 firmware if need be. There is a problem however. RC4 decoders can only read AMB/mylaps pts and handouts, Harrys and Purcys. They will not read MRT transponders.
Since a lot club members already have MRT pts, we do not intend updating our decoders in the forseeable future. Therefore if you turn up to a meeting with an RC4 pt you will have to use a club handout !
Details of recent testing of decoders can be found at http://www.bbksoftware.com

mark christopher 17-12-2012 06:40 PM


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