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butters86 18-07-2014 06:03 PM

Ansmann Madrat Drive Shaft Falling Out
I've got a bit of a driveshaft issue and I'm not sure if it's because the suspension is slightly too long or if it's something else.

When going over some concrete bumps (only getting about 1/2ft of air) on a country track behind a friends house on two occasions on a slightly harder landing the drive shaft has popped out the diff requiring me to take the wheel off, one of the ball joints off and putting it back in.

Looking at it, the drive shafts are right on the edge of the diff so it's no wonder. What's the best way to get them seated further into the diff?

K-Brewer 18-07-2014 09:47 PM

U can put 1 or 2 limiters inside the shock to limit droop which should keep them in

butters86 18-07-2014 10:51 PM

Thanks, I think I need to swap the bottom mounts on the shocks for the shorter ones which where in the pack, to match the size of the stock plastic suspension. This is adding a few mm to the travel so I'll try changing tomorrow

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