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The zx could make an indoor carpet a final with ease, just so long as you replace the shock towers for carbon fibre or glass fibre. I put one into the top ten in the uk indoor champs with gear diffs (the only car there with them) and worked well.

The zx and zxr mk1 chassis batt positioning were fractionally further forwards than the zxr mk2. The zx had two top decks and gear diffs (which work better on high grip carpet tracks than the ball diffs) and the slipper clutch had balls on the spur and i admit i did like it as this did act like another diff and made the drive train smoother but also added weight to the layshaft. It also altered the way the car performed but that idea may be something that i will try in my zxs. The wishbones had webbing and made them much stronger evan though these very rarely brake due to the material used to make them. Also shock towers were alloy and fragile on the zx, also the steering plate was straight across and was prefered to the zxr which had angles at either end as it helped reduced bump steer to zero.

Other than that the rest of the zx/zxr/zxrr used the same hubs, wishbones,pivot pins,pivot holders,steering,gearboxes. Ok the zxrs had ball diffs and the mk1 had a two pad slipper pretty much the same as whats on the rc10 b4, and the mk2 had a plate on a single slipper pad so you can screw your spur gear on without messing the slipper adjustment, so much like the rc10 and rc10 b2. Shock towers did alter from the mk1 and 2 fractionaly.

Wheels and shells were also different.

I hope this makes sense. Pm me your email address so i can senf u pics of the zxs so u can see all the differences (which is ninety percent) from the zx and zxr.
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