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Not sure about the ZX centre ball diff, but then I ran mine with the balls removed so it became a crude slipper as the diff sending all the power to the spinning front wheels wasn't the best design idea in the world. Fitting the reverse one way rear drive hub on the layshaft would also sort it, but obviously the cheap option was to leave the balls out.

I know the ZX-R should handle brushless, my runner has been totally reliable (ignoring accident damage!) with 10 - 12 turn brushed motors in it for some time now.
Terry the zxr slipper can easily handle a ten (mine had a 19 upto 23 pinion) and a nine turn but the problem is the slipper pad if old deteriorates and dies and the only replacement is associated pad as kyosho stopped making them and no stock is anywhere.

The centre diff can be finely tuned to give more power to the rear or front or equal and can be used as a slipper that wont wear out very quickly.

Well im trialing one soon and will update, once that is i have a new spur gear molded specifically to use the balls on an 87 spur.
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