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Originally Posted by bigt View Post
best track in the country and can't be arsed wow
the 13 &14 oople's were the best meets I've ever attended
and if that very fine venue was on my doorstep I'd drag my broken body down there every chance i could to keep that dirt
Excuse me, that's a rather flippant comment, saying 'can't' be arsed' is a complete load of tripe.

Running on the dirt means a good number of our team taking a week off work to prep the dirt track all week for the oOple. The event is 6 months away yet and as Damo said, it is unconfirmed due to the practicalities as we simply don't know if we have enough people for the week to set it up. It takes 7 people just to take the covers off, daily for a week prior as an example. Obviously when the entry form is out the surface will be confirmed. The venue not being touched since the euros is rubbish, we're down at the track every week doing something or other, not least erecting the enormous new arena building.
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