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Originally Posted by CaptainChaos View Post
Why go back to gear diffs?

The ball diff was a HUGE leap forward...
The combination of high grip and high power means that ball diffs tend to go crunchy very quickly. So gear diffs tend to last longer between rebuild and easier to set consistently.

Plus gear diffs seems to “drive” differently and this seems to suit current race surfaces, buggy layouts/setups and the generally more aggressive driving styles that are in use these days.

When I started racing again, the first few 4wd buggies I had were equipped with ball diffs and the constant maintenance was a pain (I even had to make rebuilds track side on occasions). I experienced my first gear diffs with a Durango and since then every 4wd of mine has had geardiffs. I prefer the way they drive and I don’t need to use the slipper as a diff protector any more either!

In 2wd, ball diffs are more common but even then, a gear diff can be a very useful thing to have if you run on carpet or very grippy Astro.
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