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Originally Posted by CaptainChaos View Post
Jut downloaded the CAT manual and both belt seem to slide onto the same gear on the layshaft

OK, you're right, it's an option part :-)
Originally Posted by Welshy40 View Post
Im the same, i can gain more laps with a oneway compared to permanent 4wd so stopped doing 4wd until i figure out how to fit one on my car and now sticking to 2 until then. A one way with a ball or gear diff is quicker in and out of corners for me.
Try k2 with fab, but you do loose brakes the freer it is.

Simple fact is we have more power, more grip and gear diffs are know smaller and fully sealed units that can take the power and abuse while remaining consistent.

Many manufactures still offer ball diffs as options.

Some cars are now using centre diffs as 8th rally x
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