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Originally Posted by Danosborne6661 View Post
If all else fails, a ball diff usually sorts this sort of issue.
The 18 ball diff isn't quite available yet, so currently can only get a xh diff to fit plus 3mm dogbones. Not cheap and not convinced the x-ray ball diff will last at the level of grip of MB.

I'm pretty happy with my car at MB (also a 18).
Try 3 dot spring or front arb (1.2mm) with your 2 dot & 8k diff oil with 2 steel gear diff. I don't suffer from diff out issues on reasonable rear tyres...

Do you drive wheel or sticks? If wheel might me able to have a go with mine next time at I'm at MB and see what you think. My setup has a few differences from the typical "team" eos setup, although based on it. Ultimately driving style is rhe biggest factor on how a car needs to be setup.
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