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Originally Posted by Peter_B View Post

I used to race when I was younger. Was a member of Silverstone Buggy Club many moons ago. Last time I raced I ran a ProCat (still got it, waiting to get round to a rebuild/restore).

I rediscovered the hobby a few months ago and acquired a few bashers for myself and my little boys.

I've ordered a Schumacher Cougar KF2 SE kit, with the intention of using it for a return to some racing after 20+ years.

To go with it I have:
  • Speed Passion Reventon Pro 1.1 ESC
  • Speed Passion 6.5T brushless motor or (and most likely to start with) Speed Passion 13.5T brushless motor

KF2 SE has the low grip conversion and mid motor conversion in the box to go with the standard forward motor position.

I'm trying to determine whether or not I need to order the U4706 shorty conversion to allow using a shorty behind the motor, when the motor is in the standard forward position, or whether those parts are included in the SE kit. Can anybody confirm for me?

Don't have the batteries yet (only have NiMH packs at the moment) but I think I want to go shorty as the other motor positions require shorty packs and I want to be able to use the same packs no matter what position the motor is in. Am I right there?

Of course I have no idea which motor position to go for - my local club at Daventry race on carpet. I was thinking to start with the standard forward position and go from there. Sensible thinking?

To be fair, first time out it will likely be totally standard kit setup. Other than perhaps the shorty conversion if that is needed.

For a servo I've been debating between a Savox SC-1251MG or SC-1252MG or a Bluebird BMS-621DMG from Hobbyking. I have a couple of those Bluebird servos already in my RC10 Team Car and Top Force. They seem decent enough but neither of those cars have done any running yet.

Tyres - I'm going to get a pair of pre-glued Schmacher yellow Cut Staggers for the front and a pair of Schumacher yellow Cactus for the rear.

Kit doesn't come with a pinion, it has an 83 tooth spur in the box. Looking at some setup sheets online I've seen people, running 6.5T motors, use a 23 tooth pinion with the 83 spur. Good starting point?

No idea which way to go for the 13.5T motor.

Doesn't help that I will have zero chance to test anything or even setup the slipper until the first time I turn up at the track.

Any experience and/or advice?
1. You shouldn't need any additional bits to run a shorty lipo.

2. Saddles will fit, but shorty packs are much easier to work with & the car has been designed with those dimensions in mind - including the ability to move fore & aft to fine tune the weight distribution.

3. I'd start the other way round - motor rearwards, battery ahead of it. Understeer is easier to deal with & tune out. You want a car that pushes as you're re-learning (unless you're happy with a squirty car!). I can't remember what's recommended in the manual. go with whatever that says. And don't mess with it until you're able to lap consistently & accurately judge what you want the car to do.

4. gearing seems fine (go smaller if the track is twisty), but run a fan on your ESC if you're not already doing so.

5. don't worry about slipper setting, there's bound to be people willing to help & race control may be able to give you a minute or two on your own on the straight to tweak the adjuster nut.

The tyre choice you've gone for is pretty much the standard now across all 2wd carpet setups regardless of brand. Personally I much prefer the feel of the cactus tyres vs mini pins and the wear rate is vastly improved.
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