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theres a fair amount of choice... need a bit more info from you though...

are you after 2wd or 4wd? ( 2wd seemed to be more popular at the nationals this year but there was still a good showing for 4wd)

300 ( do u need everything inc batterys charger transmitter etc to fit your budget ? )

u happy to go second hand or new kit?

wheres your local club? do they race trucks there? worth finding out as you can see some in action so to speak and get a better idea of what you like the look of.

my local shop is DMS racing and the manager there john won the last round of the national held at silverstone ( in 4WD ), maby worth giving them a bell also for some advice.

loads of truckers here on oople will have far more advice to give you also.

PS... its great fun :-)
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