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From what I've seen in SC racing, and also from being part of the class inc some Nationals, I'd have pushed you towards a 2wd chassis.

The racing is generally cleaner and a little more sympathetic in that class .. thats not the case with 4wd.

I run a Durango DESC210, its ace .. drives well and easy to set up, buts parts aren't easy to get any more .. but a lot of peeps run them so easy to compare setups.

TBH .. the Losi 22 looks really good, if my Durango broke big time thats what I'd buy ... and they do crop up on ebay ..

Also don't make the mistake of putting big power in it, a good 10.5 motor with a few deg of turbo makes for a real nice drive and is more than capable of putting you in a National A final
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