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Default KF2 SE now 198.99 (rrp 329.99)

Amazing price on this KF2 Special Edition!

The Cougar KF2 SE includes the option for all 3 motor positions, all in one box!
  • Standard Forward Motor - Super High grip Astro
  • Low Grip Position - Medium Grip Astro and grass - As used at the IFMAR Worlds
  • Mid Motor Position - Medium and Low traction such as dirt and sandy/dusty Astro - As used at the EFRA Euros
  • This new SE Spec makes the Cougar KF2 the most versatile car on the market, suitable for almost any track condition!

The new kit includes;
  • New Alloy Chassis
  • New Bodyshell
  • 3 Belts for all motor positions
  • Front C/F top deck and mount
  • Battery mounting hardware
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