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Originally Posted by frogger View Post
The US, Belgium, Japan and Australia also run micro's at some clubs on a regular basis. That's enough countries for a good Worlds event.

The only reason why it hasn't been done is because no one has done it. Simples. Are you volunteering Craig? Maybe you should get that elusive charity meeting over and done first

Seriously Carl, where do you get these opinions from? They are very know?

The reason it hasnt been done (an IFMAR Worlds) is because IFMAR dont 'recognise' the Micro section.

You cant have an IFMAR worlds without IFMAR.....

If it was as simple as booking a hall and getting a handful of foreigners over I think I could quite easily do that, but it isnt that 'simples'.

Honestly, I think you should get yourself onto the Committee, get yourself involved with the inner workings of all this and you will soon realise that the opinion of how it all works from the outside is VERY much different to how it actually works on the inside.

You are an influencial man within this Section, and your comments about how it hasnt been done cos nobody has bothered yet etc dont do us any favours.

Leave this stuff to the people who have the ability to organise such an event cos the whole "we dont need the BRCA"/"organising a worlds in easy"/"theres no enthusiasm in the section" posts are wholly incorrent.
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