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Originally Posted by c0sie View Post
Life experiences are irrelevant. You know nothing of my life experiences except for the fact that 5 years ago there were no big scale micro meetings etc and then I got an RC18T...
I dont see why you keep bringing up this "life experience" thing?

Rest assured that "the process" is underway, and is very much dependant on the out come of the EGM.

Maybe I do take some things to heart, but maybe that is because I am passionate about what I have done over the last 5 years and am passionate about the next 5 years.

I have no financial interest in this section, nothing to be gained by doing what I do, I also see myself moving ever closer to a permanent B-final spot. I just want to ensure that the next 5 years of the micro section are as prosperous as the last 5 years.

terribly ironic, self-absorbed, and superficial that anyone could suggest that the world stopped
and micro-racing started just because THEY bought an RC18T.............rofl

Originally Posted by frogger View Post
No it's not infact. The appropriate life experience would have taught you by now that if you act overly emotional in certain circumstances and react in certain ways then you won't actually make any forward progress. All you'll end up doing is alienate some of those people that support you the most. It's sometimes better to take a step back, assess from a distance and then as difficult as it might be react in a positive way.
still nothing like two girls going at it........... ya'll should break out the handbags
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