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In response to a few questions I've been asked about the Endurance event.
Provisional rules so people can start thinking/planning.
  • 3hrs, Saturday late afternoon and early evening
  • 12 teams, all pre-booked
  • 20 per team, fee payable up front by nominated team 'captain'
  • Unlimited numbers in each team, member selection by team 'captain'
  • 1 marshal point per team, must be continually manned (or ladied), normal marshal etiquette
  • All team members must be BRCA members - we will check
  • Astro track
  • 2WD cars only (Retro/Vintage/Unusual models encouraged)
SP12/RC10/XLS/JRX-2/XX/XXCR/XXCR-KE/XXX/XXXBK2/CR2/Xpro/B4/XX4/XXX4/X5/X11/DEX410/DEX210/DNX408/8ight/VW Golf GTI MK2/VW Golf TDI Wagon/Ovlov V70 D5/VW Beetle II (registered to Carrie)/Bailey Ranger/(does anyone read this bullshit?)/Creda Tumble2/HotPoint FE800/BOSCH SGS45C02GB/Dyson DC04/new patio doors & windows/freshly painted bannister rail & skirting boards, baby.

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