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Oh dear! looks like Ralphy has his knickers well and truly twisted up over this track!

Evey time we have a crossover someone isn't happy.. Every time we put a large jump in place, someone isn't happy.

Do we move forward by not using the cross overs and leave the table jumps out?

The hall is very small and it's sometimes hard to use all the space effectively and come up with different ideas. We all want to have fun, right? Personally I love the big jumps and would love to put some even bigger ones in place, mega ramp all the way for me!

I have always said that if someone dosent like any part of the track, and feels strongly that it should be changed, then we should change it. To do that though you need to turn up with time to make the changes! And present the problems before the racing begins, not after.

I can see Brian has a problem with the crossovers, he always has. I dont believe they are that dangerous, but if he feels that strongly about them that it makes him not want race, then I shall not use them anymore.

Ramps in the center of the hall have always caused problems, I thought it was not ideal, but felt it was still useable and different/interesting. We went with it, maybe that was a bad call?

I am all for compromise, I like the idea of everyone being happy, but I'm not sure that is even possible!

I think we need to voice any opinions of the track before the racing starts. If everyone agrees on the night that something needs changing, then change it!