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There have been some tracks where the ramp was a bit silly to marshal or a bit risky if stood in the wrong place, but Fridays wasn't one of them to be fair. Just watch the videos back, most people just trundled over the tables and the crossover was not an issue as the run up was so small, so cars were just landing over the intended crossover track.
I went away on Friday thinking it was a good fun well run meeting with a good track and everyone on the day seemed happy (apart from Ralphy). I know James likes his big jumps, I do in the right place, but sometimes they could be a bit dangerous if hit at speed, and are difficult to marshal. Example: when we had that corner one that you could not reach if stuck, or the big table top in front of the rostrum where you try to land on the downside, but could fall in the gap if you got it wrong.

There is always an element of risk to marshals or anyone on the track when racing is on. Now awareness is key, and children should not be placed at a marshal point that is a bit more risky than say a regular corner.

Cars on track when taping is a pet hate of mine. Safety in this case should always be a priority.
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