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I personally think it's a crap rule, on the basis that those who support the series by attending all rounds can be beaten by drivers who only attend 4 rounds out of 7?

Some may argue thats fair as to be beaten in less rounds means they done better than you, yes partly true but as we see at most rounds luck also plays a part in finishing positions and points accrual to all bar those at the very front due to some of the dodgy starts that happen in short course.

As a small series those who support it by entering all the rounds should be rewarded by keeping more of the points the earned over the season.

added to that also I was told that it was always meant to be 7 rounds but only 6 were confirmed at the time the dates went out, so if it was always meant to be 7rds then it should be at least 5 to count surely?

On another note the computer issues was a shambles at Mendip, lots of errors and mistakes upsetting people all the way up and beyond the trophy presentation, and twice this season I've been stiffed in the last final of the day by a decision to suddenly spread out the grid putting the cars in front EVEN further in front? Not cool in my book. I think the whole rule book needs looking at and sorting out then properly enforced throughout the season. Competitors should not have to point out cars running illegal wings etc to race control that should be sorted before the car hits the track?

I know it's meant to be a fun series but as more people come along and get better it's getting more competitive so it need managing so that it can be both fun and competitive yet fair and transparent.

Rant over.
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