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Originally Posted by cutting42 View Post
Actually the rule book is not specific enough on this. It was my first SC race and I checked the rules and they say:

Rear Wings - No bolt on after market or home-made rear spoilers / rear wings allowed. Manufacturer rear spoilers / rear wings moulded into the finished bodyshell are allowed.

My wing was the kit wing that came with the Durango body so a manufacturer wing not an aftermarket or home made wing but not moulded on the body I was a bit undecided so left it to see what happened, it got challenged so I took it off.

I still think the rule is poorly worded. It should say something to the effect "All bolt on wings are banned" not just home made and aftermarket.
I agree the wording could be simplified however it does clearly state moulded into the shell which directly means unless its molded it's not allowed. Many driver run Durango and none have the wing fitted due to that rule.

These issues are damaging for our series and require immediate attention in my opinion.
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