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Originally Posted by spenner View Post
Not sure about it being an issue...

If the rules currently say 4 rounds to count then that is what it is for this year at least, you can't change them near the end of the season!!

Wasn't really an issue till this thread was put up, as is normally the case on forums.

Short course is about fun, why not keep it at that!
The reason this is an issue for me is we all plan varying activities throughout the year wether that be racing several classes/series,holidays,family visits etc etc.

This issue, 4 from 6 or 5 from 7 was sorted on the 10/3/2015 when we were told by the organisers that if the 7th round went ahead we would be scored 5 from 7 ,if it was a 6 round series it was the best 4 out of 6. At that time the rules stated best 5 from 7, I double checked............between 10/3/2015 up until yesterday I had heard nothing different,there has been no announcement on any of the UKSN media outlets to state 4 from 7 nor has it been announced at any of the previous 5 events.............however it seems a few select people were informed & I personally think that's well out of order!

As far as I'm concerned, your right, you can't change the rules over halfway through the championship
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