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Default A little advice, grinding Ford Focus ?

Ford Focus 2007 MK2 Estate 1.8 diesel

Just popping round the corner and felt as if I had picked up an empty box under the car, grinding noise etc, stopped and nothing. Turned round and drove home slowly – 1st and 2nd noise continued, not tried other gears.

Have jacked up each wheel, all spin by hand no noticeable problems. Finding when in reverse there are no problems and all normal, no grinding, clutch and brakes all as normal.

Shift to 1st or 2nd gear pull away and clutch feel strange and a small thump as it comes in, as the car moves the crunching grinding starts, depress clutch and the car will roll with no noise.

I am thinking if it’s clutch/flywheel and/or gearbox related then not worth the expense. I am thinking perhaps I am missing something, bearing/driveshaft’s.

I would like to know exactly what the problem is without spending to much, good chance the car is scrap but…………

Is this a familiar scenario, should I be looking or trying something ?
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