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What has happened to Britain and our sense of determination?. Surely with half a dozen lads with shovels the carpark would have been fine. I just don't get this 'can't do' attitude of today's society, everything seems to easy to say 'it's closed due to -' or 'it's cancelled due to -'. Nothing stopped us from doing things like going to school in two or three feet of snow and having no heating on, it just didn't matter. Or digging my van of of a snow drift and setting off to work in Glasgow or Edinburgh or wherever. we just got on with it back in the day. Maybe I'm just old fashioned but all this nonsense gets on my tits. Bring back true British grit and determination and let this soft arse approach subside.

Not a go directly at you Birdy just feels to me that society needs to give it's head a wobble.
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