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Originally Posted by Slider SCT View Post
Btw I'm not bothered by the points issue personally, I end up where I end up. If it had been publicly declared 4 from 7 prior to rd 1 I would not have made a murmur
I disagree with you on the rounds-position point, it is far easier to get 4 good results (good results being subjective on what you believe your own ability to be) out of 7 than 5 good results out of 7 (again subjective)

4 from 7 allows us all to drop our 3 worst rounds, or only race at 4,5,6 or all 7 rounds and still qualify with full championship points. 5 out of 7 requires more commitment to complete the championship if you run it bare bones at 5rds (more if you want room for the bad days) and also, for us mere mortals there's more chance of a bad score(again subjective) being included in the finally tally.........that can affect your championship standings.

I personally would prefer the 4 out of 7 option as one of those up & down types of driver (so far this score 195, worst 160) my worst 3 results get written off and thus lift me up the championship table.

4 out of 7 also allows racers who maybe on a tight budget,have other racing commitments, family commitments,illness, travel issues or any other reason that may crop up, to skip a round or two and still have a points finish

4 out of 7 is also more attractive to newbies to the uksc scene, hopefully, they enter a round as a tester ,enjoy it and want to do more if not all the rounds (as I did last year!)

Why would I argue against a ruling clearly in my favour and one I believe is good for uksc in general?

My participation in this thread wasn't about changing the ruling back to 5 rounds, changing any other rules or tightening the existing ones......... It was purely down to finding out after rd5's conclusion that a rule I personally asked to be clarified 2 months before the season start had been changed without all the racers being informed

I have received an answer,wether I'm satisfied with the answer or not is irrelevant but for me this wasn't ever about final positions or points. It was about organising my life around 7 rds of racing in the belief I only had 2 drop scores to play with (up and down driver remember)
On the plus side of this rule I can now skip round 7 as I have something else I can be doing that weekend and still have 2 drop scores!

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