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[QUOTE=Nick Goodall;1012858]Afternoon all!

I had a bit of time Sunday to get my video adapter working so found some old camcorder tapes and chucked them on YouTube.

There's all sorts from various BRCA nationals in the late 90's, some footage of the 98 Euros at Teeside and various others incl Radio race car events, oh and the 99 Euros in Austria but u didn't have time to edit anything I just literally uploaded them and gave them the most accurate description I could so apologies if anything is incorrect.

I still have a load to get through but this is a start at least!

I don't know the track but love old rc videos, love the older cars, will go through them all in the next few days,

Thanks for the uploads,

I took a couple in about 92 94 era in torquay
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