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well.. had it a while now

all I can say is I love it

went with a quicker better motor as the old one was a budget 8.5 and really wasnt on the pace out on track

now running an Orca 6.5

car is stupid strong, flat out on main straight indoors at weekend I moved over a touch and no idea what happned but it ended up on the plastic track marker and just skied flat out along it and into the wall at the end, sickening sounds, even marked up the blockwork...

marshall picked it up, looked puzzled, threw it on track and it was fine?? LOL

when I have done my part and driven it properly I have had some great results, my fastest lap times always ultra close to the fast guys Im racing with, just my own consistency issues to deal with

very happy with it

need to look at stiffening suspension as it likes to lift front inside wheel a bit much

Ive just simply dropped it on track and charged lipo for 3 or 4 meetings now, need to look at what to change and setups to use, but if it goes that well as it is....
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