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Old 23-02-2017
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cheers I now have the new gearboxes and yes its bit quieter

been running it indoor on carpet, thats only place I have driven it, but its so much fun, like a tank and everyone thats seen it has commented on how good it makes my driving look.... hahaha

Im not up with the real fast guys, but Im ahead of many that been doing it lot longer than me, thats my experience holding it back, bought it Xmas, and its my first ever 4wd, only started off road buggies in June last year

4wd was bought as it was good deal and I wanted a backup class, regionals this year here are 2 day affairs, so I thought why not make a weekend of it, silly travelling for just 1 day

turns out I love the 4wd and Im better with it than my 2wd LOL
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