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Originally Posted by dibble34 View Post
So i flashed my esc tonight to E010134.LSC. All seemed well i reset to factory defaults and rebooted the esc. Laptop picked it up fine and changed the settings back to what they were with version D110125.LSC. Software confirmed settings had been sent and i read the esc which also confirmed the settings had taken.

Put a battery in the car and switched the esc on, fan kicked in and all looked well. However as soon as i switched my radio on the fan slowed a little, and there was a massive flash from either the esc or the blue capacitor thing connected to it. Could not get it to work and didn't want to fry the esc any further. In a last ditch attempt i connected the esc back to my laptop and to my surprise was still able to connect to it. I flashed it back to D110125.LSC, reset it and re-applied my settings.

The esc is now working again, but it is not right. Get various error messages when connecting to the laptop.

Appears to be a real problem with the latest flash version, for info i am running the acoms 2.4ghz wheel and a novak 6.5 motor.

I have since also noticed that one of the connectors to the blue capacitor thing is blown, but the car does seem to run.

Can anyone advise me what the blue capacitor thing does and can i run it without if for a weekend.

Also think i better speak with Horizon as should get it ixed long term. Think i have spoken to them before, but lost the email address i had, can anyone help?

Gutted . Should of learned from last time, if it ain't broke don't fix it!

This esc is good at the track but configuring it has been a real pain.

Perhaps you shoud try installing this version D01012901.lsc
as the one you described above E010134.LSC is for the sensorless speedo's
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