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Setup for Indoor Astroturf Offroadtrack of BRCC (Charleroi, Belgium)

High grip mainly but some less, what makes it difficult. Also a series of short, steep bumps.

droopmod: rear: new drilled holes in the shocktowers: +2mm, shockshafts showing 17mm
front: added 3mm washer in the shock, 2,5mm cut off ball end and shaft only 14mm showing
Anti-rollbar: extra medium hole drilled on all A-arms.

height: 16mm
piston 2 holes
Precompression + blue
35wt (losi)
A-Rbar: medium
Tires: Schum MiniSpikes Yellow (worn out!!) with cut 2 outer and 1 inner row of spikes.
Toe-out: 1 - 2mm
20grams of lead under shocks
Caster: full back
Camber: 2

height: 23mm
Tower middle hole
piston 2 holes
precompression + yellow
30 wt (losi)
tires: Schum MiniSpikes (worn), cut 2 outer and 1 inner row of spikes
Toe-in: 3
Camber: 2
Hub high (lower hole)

MRT personal transponder
Rear wing 17cm, 1cm gurney
Front wing: 2mm washers under rear part.
Lipo CS 5200mAh (30C?)
Tekin RS Pro
motor CS 6.5 sensored.

!! all this with very worn Shum MiniSpikes Yellow. When i tried some new ones, even cutting away several rows of spikes, the car still had some griproll.
I might want to try some Schum Minispikes blue (which i had not when training).
I also tried Schum Staggered ribbs in the front (what a lot of 2WD AND strangely, also lots of 4WD-drivers use on the Schum Cat and B44) but that made the car twitchy and nervous.
Spikes are the way to go with a Pred.

! Also I found the car a bit better with the modded front hubs (lowered); smoother in the turns.

last minutes changes, after yesterdays training:
higher in the front: from 16 to 18mm
made the car go easier on the bumps, but lost some traction and steering.
I then removed both rollbars (which i usually never do ?! ) .. and I gained some traction again + even better on the bumps + easier to drive on the changing-grip-section of the track. Don't know why, but it helped. (Can someone explain?)
I do want to test out with some Schum MiniSpikes Blue in the front though.

And I also want to try out with more lead in the car, making it heavier.
aka Ludo
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