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Lee I would go with Danny Mcgee set up, I'm running it on my Vega and its great on carpet:

Hi All,

Here is my setup from Kiddy.

Clearly i've not done much testing with the car yet, but this seemed to be a really good starting point from which i will work from.

Oil: 37.5
Piston: Associated 2 Piston
Spring: Big Bore Losi Green
Shock Position:
Inside on the wishbone
Second hole on the tower
Camber Link:
Inside on the tower
Shortest link on the Hub
2mm under the bump steer washer position
Brass bulkhead

Oil: 30
Piston: Associated 1 Piston
Spring: Big Bore Losi Pink
Shock Position:
Inside on wishbone
Middle on tower
Camber Link:
Second from top on the longest (inside) hole
Middle on the standard 0 degree rear hubs (turned around the make the camber link a bit straighter)
Short Wheelbase
4 degree's antisquat
3.5 degree's toe in

Motor: Tekin 7.5
Speedo: Tekin RS Pro
Gearing: 26/81
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