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Right, I'm going to stop taking the pee out of hubbard just for a min!

Few of things to remember here for all those new to the EOE.

a) Only a few years ago the EOE had so few drivers the regionals were shelved for a season, in fact the last EOE agm I attended a couple of years ago...4 of us in total we again scrapped the region as it was decided not enough drivers from clubs were prepared to travel thus one meeting would have 15drivers the other 5. But people put themselves forward to run things and a region was patched together last year, we only had low numbers thus running on one day makes good sense, also sct was a good thing to again increase numbers. Infact last year our regional rep vanished half way through and our reps now stepped in at very short notice.This building of the region should also be thought about when considering the entry costs discussion, If you told me in December the EOE would have 80ish drivers at the 1st meeting I would have laughed at the thought

b) over the last few years our main objective in the region has been to get people racing, brca aside we just needed to get people into our hobby thus why we don't run tyre rules,strict scrutenering etc, we don't all have a brca book in our back pocket ready to grab and quote at each other from at every opportunity, when it comes to track dimensions, motor rules battery rules etc etc.

So to be totally fair I think the size of our 1st meeting has caught all in charge slightly on the hop, this time last year we would never have dreamed of these numbers in the EOE,so lets not give the guys running the EOE to much to worry about or a hard time.
Yes many of us find the F grade of little interest as we will unlikely make use of it
It will be great to see many new faces from other regions,and regions that have run far more brca national style regional meetings with triple the entrys of ours over the last few years......I hope

last note, we have from what I can see 26 EOE drivers in 2wd and 29 in 4wd 16 in sc, so with past history in mind these numbers could half by mid season ...15 a class! and we have been there more than once before so lets change noting yet.....

Now back to Hubbard abuse

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